Video Tip: How to Make a Bow-and-Arrow Cast

This time of year, many of us head for the high country, where streams remain cool in the dead of summer. But on many of these small streams, there’s no room for a backcast because of all the brush and trees on the bank. That’s where the bow-and-arrow cast comes in handy.

In this video from Louis Cahill of Gink & Gasoline, he shows you two methods for making this specialized cast: one for very short casts, and one for when you need just a bit more distance. Practice this one next time you;re out on the water. You’ll find it handy, I guarantee.

2 thoughts on “Video Tip: How to Make a Bow-and-Arrow Cast”

  1. A few weeks back your video demonstrated how to get a fly out of a tree. Fishing a small river I landed in the trees 3 times. Twice I used the technique and it worked beautifully. Amazing. The third time was a break off.

  2. Nice Video!

    I thought of when Joe Humphreys demonstrates a way to make a “super long” bow and arrow cast on The New Fly Fisher. He folds the leader and even some fly line in his hand. It also shows him to be doing something like a bow and arrow cast combined with a roll cast (!), with the line in the water. The link starts at the demonstrations but the whole episode is worth a watch.

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