Video Pro Tip: Be Ready to Strip Strike!

Most anglers know that the transition from trout fishing to casting for saltwater or big-game species can be fraught with peril. The deaded “trout strike” has resulted in the loss of countless tarpon, snook, pike, and muskies. But even if you know that you need to make a strip set, are you ready to make a good one?

In this short video from Jackson Kayak, you learn how important it is that you hold the rod correctly to make the best strip strike possible, increasing your chances of a hook-up.

5 thoughts on “Video Pro Tip: Be Ready to Strip Strike!”

  1. The rod hand in the extended position should rotate so that the reel handle is facing downward. Once the line hand has set the hook it should be at or near enough to right angle out to the left/ right/ side of the reel. The line hand is used to keep the line from warping around the reel, wrist, head or any other obstacle as the fish excelerates. A common problem to losing large fish in the salt. Great technique to dry practice so when it’s needed all fits into place. Love watching fishing videos when experienced anglers have this or a similar system locked in place. Hope this may help one day

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