Video Pro Tip: The Easiest Blood-Knot Method You’ve Ever Seen!

Our pal Louis Cahill at Gink + Gasoline posted an awesome video featuring professional leader-maker Christopher Fave tying a blood knot. Even if you consider yourself pretty good at tying blood knots, you will be blown away by Fave’s technique, which is easier and faster than anything we’ve ever seen before. This video may even convert some double-surgeon’s-knot proponents!

Click here for the full story.

24 thoughts on “Video Pro Tip: The Easiest Blood-Knot Method You’ve Ever Seen!”

  1. Wow, I have seen many tricks for tying this knot, this one looks the easiest. I will test this when I get home tonight

    1. Oh HALLELUJAH! Thanks man, this knot has been kicking since day one. Fish on!

      Your volume is good.

  2. I can’t find toothpicks on the Orvis website.

    Where can I find these fly fishing pieces of wood?!!! Going over to check out Gink and Gasoline.


  3. Check out the Tippet knot Tim Rajeff uses that came from Lefty Kreh. It can be tyed this fast with just fingers. He shows it in a vid on YouTube.

  4. Good grief. Thanks for attempting to provide a tip; but could have done a watermark right across the middle of the screen where it essentially blocks the view of the important stuff.

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