Video Pro Tip: Use Your Hemostat to Tie a Clinch Knot

Tying the clinch knot at your kitchen table is ridiculously easy, and it’s one of the first knots that most anglers use. But what about when your hands are really cold or the light is too low for you to thread the tag end through the loop?

Here’s a fast, simple way to tie the knot using a standard hemostat. (The narrator of the video above says “hemostats,” instead of the correct “hemostat,” but I’ll look the other way because of the useful info.)The video , from In the Riffle, is fairly low quality, but you’ll be astonished by how easy the technique demonstrated is.

8 thoughts on “Video Pro Tip: Use Your Hemostat to Tie a Clinch Knot”

    1. Do you have a suggestion to improve this technique? Because this is great for us older anglers with limited mobility!

  1. I’m an ER doc and this is how we tie sutures! I wonder if I can modify this technique for tying the improved clinch knot! Thanks for sharing.

  2. If you have to use a tool to tie a knot, you are tying the wrong knot. I learned to tie a penny knot years ago in Tasmania that easily ties without even looking at the knot as you are doing it. Easily ties when your hands are so cold you can’t move them. I found that a clinch knot & improved clinch would occasionally fail….I have never had a penny knot fail.

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