Video Pro Tips: 4 Flies That Will Work Anywhere

Many fly fishers carry around way more flies than they’ll ever need for a single trip, and there’s always interest in ways to lighten the load. If you had a few flies that you could always count on, you wouldn’t have to pack so many boxes, right?

In this short video, John Herzer–owner of Blackfoot River Outfitters in Missoula, Montana–walks us through his four work-anywhere patterns. You might be surprised by a couple of his choices, and I love his response to those who object to the SJW: “That’s great . . . because I just caught more fish than you did.”

Here are John’s Fab Four:

2 thoughts on “Video Pro Tips: 4 Flies That Will Work Anywhere”

  1. Based on my experiences with him and his guides, John Herzer is Both a great guide and runs a fabulous operation in MT. However, I humbly suggest An addition to the list – The ZEBRA MIDGE.

  2. I refuse to accept any list that doesn’t include a Clouser’s Minnow.

    From Bluegill and Brook Trout to Northern Pike and Tarpon.

    There’s nothing Clouser’s classic can’t catch. Just tweak the size and color.

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