Video Pro Tips: 5 Flies for March in the Rockies

Guide Tanner Smith–of Trouts Fly Fishing in Denver, Colorado–is back with another of his “Top 5 for the Month” videos, and this time he’s talking about late-winter blue-winged olives. The arrival of these tiny mayflies signals the beginning of the season and means there are warmer days ahead. Tanner fishes a small tributary with his canine buddies and discusses what bugs make the cut and how he likes to fish them. Here are his picks to fish the first great hatches of the year:

1. Loop-Wing Emerger

2. Flashback Emerger

3. Sparkle Wing RS-2

4. Pablo’s Cripple Baetis

5. Foamerger

This sweet, small-stream brown was up on blue-winged olives on a tributary stream.
Photo by Ivan Orsic

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  1. Thanks my man. I do not live in Colorado but good info. Keep drinking the Banquet Brand . Great dogs.

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