Video Pro Tips: A Better Way to Swing Wet Flies and Streamers

A lot of anglers know that swinging wet flies and streamers can be a very effective way to catch trout, but in this video, Joe Rotter from Red’s Fly Shop argues that most fly fishermen are doing it wrong. Sure, covering water is important, but you also want to make sure that you are targeting the specific holding water that you think holds trout. He also makes the case that trout want to see where their prey is coming from–the rocky streambottom–rather than just swing into view out of nowhere.

4 thoughts on “Video Pro Tips: A Better Way to Swing Wet Flies and Streamers”

  1. Phil, that’s a great vid for folks that get skunked and don’t know why, for new comers that get skunked and don’t know why, and a good job of holding our old timer heads underwater long enough to remember why we’re getting skunked.

    Skip Clement

  2. Another one for you ,taking as much of the swing out as possible,if using true wet flies,soft hackles and nymph square of the rod tip low to the water at right angles, 90 degrees to the current flow then drop the rod same speed as you as the current your flies are traveling in so thereby Trying to match the flow of natural insect down stream you may only get a few meters of good presentation and in fast water incorporate a slip line mend when current catches up with your fly Flies on a tight line there less swing so slowing down the progression of the fly across the current

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