Video Pro Tips: How to Choose the Right Nymph

For many novice anglers, nymph-fishing can be a bit of a mystery, since all the action happens below the surface. In this short video from the Orvis Fly Fishing Learning Center, Tom Rosenbauer offers a few tips on how you can choose which nymph to fish in a given situation. Since hatch-matching isn’t always important–because there are sometimes a variety of nymphs available to trout at one time–you can often choose a local favorite pattern or something suggested by a guide or fly shop. For those times when you do want to imitate a specific insect, it’s time to turn over a few rocks.

One thought on “Video Pro Tips: How to Choose the Right Nymph”

  1. Started turning over rocks when I was a kid going to the creek. Still do it today. Great advice and best place to start…find out what insects or life is in the creek/stream. Match it and fish away.

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