Video Pro Tips: Do Leaders and Tippets Expire?

Here’s another great episode in a video series called “Q&A,” from Brian Flechsig of Mad River Outfitters in Columbus, Ohio. It’s a pretty self-explanatory title, methinks. In this video, Flechsig answers the question “Do leaders and tippet have an expiration date?” So, if you buy a spool of 4X, how long will it last before you have to replace it? Flechsig’s answer is illuminating: it’s less about time and more about exposure to UV light. Keep your leader and tippet materials out of the sun, and you’ll get more out of them.

6 thoughts on “Video Pro Tips: Do Leaders and Tippets Expire?”

    1. Tighten the drag a lot. Whichever hand is easier to turn is the side it reels. Once you determine the direction it reels relax the drag again.

  1. Jack, It’s also good to know that virtually all modern fly reels are reversible, so if your reel is not set up to reel with your preferred hand, check your owners manual (or online) for directions for changing the winding direction.

  2. Love that you told David that if he’s got tippett that’s older than two years he needs to fish more! I was thinking the saaaaaame thing. Made me laugh!

    Love the videos. Keep ’em comin’! Really enjoy getting out and applying what I’m learning.

    A video I would love to watch…? Learning how to see fish in the water.

  3. I did have some tippet that in the first year failed on hook sets. It would break off between surgeon’s knot and fly. It was new tippet. After the 3rd break off, I contacted the manufacturer, an it was
    replaced it at no cost.

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