Video Pro Tips: What Fly-Fishing Accessories Do You Really Need?

Here’s another installment in the video series called “Getting Started in Fly Fishing,” from Brian Flechsig of Mad River Outfitters in Columbus, Ohio. In this episode, Flechsig helps you make sense of that wall in fly shop covered with gewgaws and foofaraws. From nippers to split shot to “bobbers,” he tells you what’s essential, so you don’t end up with a vest full of stuff you don’t need.

Yes, this is very basic stuff, but it’s extremely useful for folks who are new to the sport. The biggest barrier to entry for anyone taking up a new activity is lack of information. Stay tuned to learn more!

3 thoughts on “Video Pro Tips: What Fly-Fishing Accessories Do You Really Need?”

  1. I would a good thermometer to the list for ares where warmer water should halt fishing, like in many streams in the west.

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