Video Pro Tips: How (and Why) to Make a Tuck Cast

A few years ago, Pete Kutzer made a short and sweet video about how to make a tuck cast, which taught just the basic casting motion. In the video above, Brian Flechsig of Mad River Outfitters goes into waaaay more depth and detail, offering diagrams, leader formulae, and more. The tuck cast is designed to make your flies and split shot hit the water before your line, punching through the surface tension and sinking fast. It’s a great way to present a fly to trout in plunge pools, where you don’t have much time to get deep before your flies are swept downstream.

You can make a tuck cast with any setup using Pete’s method, but if you really want to focus your fishing on the technique–if you’re going to make these kinds of casts all day–you can build the special leader Flechsig describes. It’s up to you.

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