Video Pro Tips: How to Approach Carp

Carp fishing has exploded in popularity over recent years, even in Western states like Colorado which are home to abundant populations of trout. Not only are carp fisheries usually located a lot closer to home than trout streams, but they tend to provide more room to spread out too, lessening the competition for space and making for a more relaxing experience overall. But as anyone who has tried targeting carp can surely attest, they’re often just as picky and hard to fool as even the most technical trout, which can be a little intimidating without a proper introduction.

Not exactly the pristine, gin-clear waterways that Colorado is known for, but full of fish nonetheless.
Photo by Davis James

In this brief video, Rick Mikesell–a locally-renowned carp angler–covers some basic information designed to both encourage newer anglers to muster up the courage to give carp fishing a shot, and to inspire more experienced anglers to discover new approaches. He opens with a fascinating discussion of the history of carp in Colorado, followed by a variety of tips for approaching these fish during different seasons, and wraps up with an interesting bit on why rainy days are his favorite, and exactly how he likes to fish the river during times of higher, dirtier water. It’s a fun and educational video for all experience levels.

If you happen to live near Colorado, you can put these tips to good use during the upcoming Mile High 25 On the Fly tournament, sponsored in part by Orvis. It’s a new twist on an old format, challenging anglers to catch 25 different species (or as many as possible) on fly during a 2-day window from June 17 to 18. Click here for more information, or to sign up.

Evan Jones is the assistant editor of the Orvis Fly Fishing blog. He lives in Colorado.

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