Video Pro Tips: How to Fight and Land a Steelhead

If you’re used to catching trout, coming tight to a steelhead can be an intimidating experience. In this how-to video, Dan Pribanic of Chagrin River Outfitters offers some help full tips to help you do the right things, from the time you set the hook on a on a steelhead to the time you watch it swim away. He talks about how to hold the rod while fighting, ways to keep the fish from coming unbuttoned, how to slow the fish down and control the run, and how to find the right places to land the fish. This is helpful information, whether you’re heading out on your very first steelhead adventure or your fiftieth.

3 thoughts on “Video Pro Tips: How to Fight and Land a Steelhead”

  1. I appreciated everything Dan Pribanic had to say but I was totally amazed how many times he lifted the fish out of the water and the length of time it took for each lift. And Dan is a professional, for goodness sakes! That fish was dead-dog tired and struggling to recover. Taking it out of the water, not once, but twice and holding it up for a grip and grin photo was abusive to the fish and totally unnecessary. Sure, the fish swam away under its own strength and appeared to be okay. But none of us can say for certain how well that fish will manage during the next 2-3 hours. Leave the fish in the water!!!

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