Video Pro Tips: How to Find New Fishing Spots

Here’s another great how-to video from Ben Sittig, a.k.a Huge Fly Fisherman, addresses a topic that has become quite contentious on the Interwebs in recent years: How to go about finding new places to cast a fly. Every day on Facebook, you can see folks asking for advice on where to go. HFF says, “Stop asking and figure it out for yourself.” But he doesn’t stop there; he goes on to suggest several good methods for finding spots of your own. The one caveat is that you must be willing to fail, to drive and or hike to a spot that simply doesn’t pan out. That’s where the real spirit of adventure comes into play.

One resource Ben doesn’t mention, but you should know about, are the Orvis Fly Fishing Reports and Conditions page. It will help you avoid heading for a piece of water that might be blown out, for instance.

DeLorme Gazeteers offer a way to search for new waters in any state.

7 thoughts on “Video Pro Tips: How to Find New Fishing Spots”

  1. I just don’t understand why this guy is getting the shine from Orvis. He’s an internet troll and his back handed teaching methods are what’s wrong with the fly fishing community.

    1. I agree. He makes fun of people who are proud of being part of the fly fishing community. Newsflash: human beings like to express their group affiliations. People are proud of being fly fishermen. They want all the accoutrements. This is a surprise?

      I’m a guide and happy to be part of something really special down here in the Everglades. I’m glad my clients and other anglers can enjoy this sport and the outdoors, however they may choose to. Clients and anglers spending money supports our fly shops, innovators, manufacturers, guides, etc.

      If Someone wants a fucking tube on top of their truck, so what? What’s it to this asshole. This is what he spends his time thinking about? Judging people and telling them what to spend their money on?

      This guy is too school for school. Honestly I don’t even find it funny. It’s lame AF.

      1. Hey Totch,
        Everyone is different. I really like Ben and his delivery. I like the sport but I’m not into all the fashion and mystique. That’s superfluous to me. Others really like having all the gear and going to the extreme.
        BTW, I have a rod vault on my car, and think it’s funny too….because I’m such a huge fly fisherman. I also love the Orvis gear I have…. Please keep promoting him. He’s good for the rest of us.

      2. Totch,

        You take yourself too serious. Ben just tries to add some humor to the narrative. Chill and go fishing.

  2. Thank you Ben for another great video. Question should you ever share your unknown fishing spots.

    I say no unless it involves flies that work lots of flies

  3. Thanks for the awesome videos Ben! Your instruction and light-hearted videos are exactly what the fly fishing community needs. #StayHuge

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