Video Pro Tips: How to Fish a Short Run with a Long Rod

Do you like to “huck mega” as soon as you get out on the water with your two-hander? Then you may be missing your best chance at a fish according to guide Stuart Warren of Ashland Fly Shop. In this great video, he explains the value of starting short . . . very short, especially when the run you are fishing isn’t very long. This is great advice for all fly fishers, not just Spey-casters.

3 thoughts on “Video Pro Tips: How to Fish a Short Run with a Long Rod”

  1. Could you explain what you when you say the “fly is fishing”? You specifically said that a dead drift meant the fly was not fishing. What is it the the fly should be doing?

    Nice video and demonstration, enjoyed it!

    1. Hi Steve,

      I think he means that the fly is not in the strike zone, swimming in a way that would draw a strike. Perhaps it is still sinking, swimming too fast or too high, or dead-drifting.

    2. Good info
      You guys should tell us not only the name of water you are on but where. There usually are multiple bodies of water around the country with the same name.


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