Video Pro Tips: How to Get Started in Spey Fishing

Have you been intrigued by Spey fishing but aren’t really sure how using a two-handed rod differs from regular fly fishing? The folks at the Ashland Fly Shop in Oregon have launched a series of videos on Beginner Spey tactics that you’ll find really helpful. Marcus Mattioli walks you through the process of how to approach the water, choose the right presentation, read the water, and more.

Whether you’ve already had some practice with a two-hander or you’re just Spey-curious, this introduction will give you a sense of how interesting and effective these techniques can be. If you need a little help with casting, check out this basic lesson on the Orvis Fly Fishing Learning Center.

3 thoughts on “Video Pro Tips: How to Get Started in Spey Fishing”

  1. This post is awesome. As the owner of a new Mission 8 weight 11 foot switch rod, it’s a real help. Thank you…

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