Video Pro Tips: How to Make a Roll Cast

Earlier this year, our friends at Scientific Anglers produced a great series of casting-instruction videos hosted by two modern masters: Bruce Richards and Jeff Wagner. Richards was the longtime head fly-line designer for Scientific Anglers and is responsible for some of the major developments in fly-line technology over the past three decades. Wagner is an award-winning competition caster, a field editor for Fly Fusion, and he’s been a player in the outdoors industry for many years. (His wife, Kathleen, is also a decorated tournament caster. #5050onthewater)

In this video, Richards walks you through the basic roll cast. Although it seems simple, if you don’t do it correctly, the line won’t go straight out in front of you. Instead, the casting energy will be focused upward, causing your line to collapse at the end. Richard explains how to form a proper D-loop and then accelerate the rod forward.

Check out the entire series for tons of great tips from the simple Pick Up and Lay Down to the more advanced Double Haul.

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