Video Pro Tips: How to Set Up an Indicator Rig for Steelhead

In this great video from the Orvis Fly Fishing Learning Center chapter on Great Lakes steelhead, expert angler Jeff Blood demonstrates his preferred rig for indicator-fishing for steelhead–including leader, indicator, weight, and flies. This is a great starting point for any steelhead river, and you can modify it to fit your local conditions.

Check out the Orvis Fly Fishing Learning Center for dozens more video lessons.

7 thoughts on “Video Pro Tips: How to Set Up an Indicator Rig for Steelhead”

    1. Not True Rick,

      November 1 – April 14

      Multiple single, double and treble hooks are permitted on floating lures

      1. I am not familiar with the current Salmon River rules, but I would have trouble arguing in favor of the rig shown, with split shot to sink the two flies, as “floating lures”.

  1. That rig would be illegal on the Salmon River, NY since the regs only allow a single hook and a leader not to exceed 4 feet.
    The float would definitely hamper even a heavily weighted fly or leader from ticking bottom in most areas.
    Nice rig for Michigan or other waters with less stringent regs.

  2. Great video Jeff! It almost makes me want to dust off my steelhead gear, get up at 3 a.m. and drive up to Erie!

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