Video Pro Tips: How to Store All Kinds of Fly-Tying Materials

Very few of us have as many fly-tying materials as Tim Flagler of Tightline Productions, but that doesn’t mean we can’t learn a lot from this cool tour of his tying room in which he describes his best tricks for storing materials. From simple Ziploc bags to cheap plastic drawers to specific sizes of Plano boxes, Tim has figured out the best way to keep his various materials organized, protected, and easily accessible. Once you start tying, it doesn’t take long for you to amass a bunch of variously sized feathers, spools, hook packages, etc. Let Tim help you discover the best ways to store them.

One thought on “Video Pro Tips: How to Store All Kinds of Fly-Tying Materials”

  1. Tim Flagler makes me feel like an ant listening to Einstein lecture on general relativity. This level of organization is other worldly. Makes me wish I had a third arm so I good give it three thumbs up!

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