Video Pro Tips: How to Swing Flies for Winter Steelhead in Small Rivers

One of the greatest challenges of winter steelheading is that the fish are usually few and far between, so it’s possible to do everything right and still not get any positive feedback. Eventually, that lack of feedback can make it difficult to know what you’re doing right or wrong, which often leads to frustration and burnout in the absence of good guidance from more experienced steelheaders. 

Focus your efforts on likely holding areas such as this clearly-marked slowdown in the current.

In this video from Savage and Smith Steelhead Co, the author quickly works through a couple different runs on a smaller river while providing a barrage of helpful tips. He covers a little bit of everything: how to identify features of the river where steelhead might hold, where to cast, which types of casts are best for small water, and how to slow down your pace in the colder water. Watching him make casts and narrate his thoughts and actions in real time is a neat opportunity to compare your own efforts and see if you’re on the right track.

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