Video Pro Tips: How to Tie the Davy and Double Davy Knots

A couple years ago, we posted a video on tying the Davy Knot by my friend Zach Matthews. With all due respect to Zach, the folks at Tightline productions have got higher production values. So if you didn’t quite get the Davy Knot back then, this video will answer all your questions. The knot is the creation of Davy Wotton, who is a Welshman relocated to Flippin, Arkansas.

For more information on Davy himself, check out his elaborate website.

The Davy Knot (bottom) is considerably less obtrusive than the standard Clinch Knot.

11 thoughts on “Video Pro Tips: How to Tie the Davy and Double Davy Knots”

  1. I started using this last year after Tightlines did their video. So far it’s proven to be just as strong as the clinch and just a bit easier to tie.

  2. Significantly less strength in the larger tippet sizes, but 4x and down less of a disparity, I like this for small olives midges, tricos etc.

  3. Agree that the Davy knot is good for smaller diameter tippet 4x and down. Slippage is a problem with much larger. Admit I haven’t tried the double, but intend to try both in freezing weather when dexterity is a challenge with arthritic fingers.

  4. i’m hoping someone could help me , i inherited a 8′ berkeley hunter series no other markings i’m wondering the weight on this

  5. Is there a way to modify the knot to include a loop for better motion of streamed, etc.? I’m assuming there is “knot”.

    1. Other than the use of “loop” knots for motion, the Double Davy knot is the ONLY knot I use. I have never had a single problem of any kind.

  6. My dyslexia makes it hard to remember the Davy. I can remember the snell knot, Trilene, improved clinch, perfection, blood, Bimini, but not the darn Davy!

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