Video Pro Tips: How to Use Floatant Properly

There’s a new fly-fishing “expert” on the Youtube scene, goes by the sobriquet Huge Fly Fisherman. The man behind the Buff is actually Ben Sittig, a guide from Colorado, whom we’ve seen before, in Unicorn Valley.

In this video, he offers some valuable advice about how to use floatant and dry shake in a two-part system to keep your flies high and dry on the water for as long as possible. Use one, then the other until your fly sinks. Then tie on a new fly and repeat. Like Ben, I know how painful it can be to watch someone smear gel all over a waterlogged fly.

There’s a lot of other tomfoolery going on, but the real lesson comes in the clip from :34 to 1:15. The rest of the video is pretty fun, but his advice is dead-on: “If you’re gonna be a dry-fly snob, please do it right.”

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