Video Pro Tips: How to Use Wet Flies

Swinging wet flies used to be more popular than it is today, but that doesn’t mean this classic method of fly-fishing isn’t still effective. It’s a great way to search for fish in higher water–which you’ll find in abundance during spring–and it’s also easier for beginners to learn this technique, at least when compared to the complexities of indicator nymphing or dry-fly fishing.

A classic wet fly pattern known as the Partridge and Orange.

In this video from The New Flyfisher, Rob Heal outlines some useful tips for swinging wet flies, including how to cover water effectively, and how to manage your slack line. The underwater shots of both nymphs and fish moving through the current are particularly useful in understanding what’s going on beneath the surface, and what you’re trying to imitate.

Evan Jones is the assistant editor of the Orvis Fly Fishing blog.

One thought on “Video Pro Tips: How to Use Wet Flies”

  1. I’ve only been in the water a few times. This will really be helpful. I’ve watched tons of videos and I feel like nobody ever talked about how much line to have between my hand and the reel. I have always had WAY too much.
    Thank you

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