Video Pro Tips: How to Keep a Hopper in the Strike Zone

When you’re casting a hopper pattern to a grassy bank, you will eventually cast a bit long and hang up in the grass. In this situation, most anglers do the wrong thing: With a high rod tip, they yank upward on the fly, pulling it back toward the angler and off the bank. The problem here is that, if you’re in a drift boat, you’ve now missed that trout lie.

In this video, Joe Rotter from Red’s Fly Shop demonstrates a better way to deal with a hung-up hopper. Instead of yanking the hopper into the air, put your rod tip in the water and make a short, hard strip. This will pull the fly off the grass, but keep it close to the bank. Once the fly bobs to the surface, you’re fishing again, without having to recast. Plus, don’t be surprised if a big trout hammers the bug underwater!

8 thoughts on “Video Pro Tips: How to Keep a Hopper in the Strike Zone”

  1. An excellent tip!!!! I’ll be fishing Missoula in a couple of weeks. I’ll use this tactic when I’m fishing dry’s/hoppers in a few weeks.


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