Video Pro Tips: The Keys to Good Fly Casting


The road to becoming a fly fisher begins with casting. You need to get the fly to the fish, after all. But even many experienced anglers, especially those of us who are primarily self-taught, could use a tune-up. Here’s a great series of short video from the Orvis Fly Fishing Learning Center—featuring casting instructor Pete Kutzer—about building a proper fly cast from the ground up. So whether you’re just getting started and want a refresher course, check out these important lessons. Then, it’s time to practice what Pete preaches. . . .


Note: Something seems to be wonky with the videos for some folks. If you don’t see the videos below, click the links, which will take you to the video on the Orvis Fly Fishing Learning Center.







9 thoughts on “Video Pro Tips: The Keys to Good Fly Casting”

  1. Always good to go back to the basics and correct the bad habits that tend to creep in over time. I went back out to my back lawn and practiced to be basic and correct again after watching these great Orvis videos.

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