Video Pro Tips: How to Make Your First Cast on the Water

Here’s the next video in Orvis casting instructor Pete Kutzer’s series on getting started in fly fishing. Once you’ve set up your fly rod for a day of fishing, you need to get some line out in front of you, so you can make your first backcast. If you try to make a backcast with all that line at your feet, you have a good chance of hooking yourself or wrapping the line around the rod.

In this video Pete Kutzer demonstrates two easy ways to get ready for that first backcast. If you’ve got something light at the end of your line–a dry fly or small wet fly–you can simply make a bow-and-arrow cast, which will cause the line to jump out onto the water. With a heavier streamer or nymph set up, a roll cast makes more sense. So try these methods to starts your fishing day off right.

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