Video Pro Tips: Making the Saltwater Quick Cast

Flats fish rarely hold still, so you’ll have to react quickly to intercept them.

When preparing for a saltwater fishing trip, most fly anglers will focus on improving their casting distance. But as Jon Covich notes in this brief instructional video, the speed of your delivery is every bit as important, although it tends to get far less attention. Jon outlines some casting tips to help you use fewer back-casts and less overall effort.  

He starts off a bit slowly, but picks up the pace after a couple minutes, covering all four tips in rapid succession:

  • Stand at the ready position, with at least 12 feet of line out the tip in order to load the rod quicker.
  • Begin with a forward roll-cast to improve momentum.
  • Use a “water haul” to pick up line and re-cast.
  • Allow your casting arm to move backward and upward at the peak of your backcast, in order to generate a longer forward casting stroke.

Don’t feel like you have to master all of these techniques right away. Using any one of them will help to increase your efficiency the next time you step aboard a skiff.

Practice your casts not just until they look good, but until they happen quickly.

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