Video Pro Tips: How to Mend Your Line to Achieve a Good Dead Drift

Back in August, we posted an easy-to-follow tutorial, from Jeremy Charchenko of Streem Outdoors in Utah, on how to fish two nymphs at once. Here’s a follow-up lesson on how to mend your line on the water to ensure that you get a good dead drift. The process of mending allows you to counteract the effects of the current on your line, which can cause your flies to drag unnaturally.

Charchenko demonstrates how to cast the nymph rig, adjust the line, and then feed line into the drift. So watch how he works through a run and even catches a couple fish.

4 thoughts on “Video Pro Tips: How to Mend Your Line to Achieve a Good Dead Drift”

  1. Very Interesting. Kirk Deeter, the Editor of Trout Magazine tells us in his instructional video on mending that this technique is incorrect. I would have to agree. Jeremy’s rod is too low and he certainly jerks the fly with his mending. Of course, despite this, he catches fish.

  2. Micheal – I agree with you quite obvious wasn’t it I did a double take straight off the bat when I saw that. Actual line control was not always right. First thing I noticed was he moved the indicator when mending often dragging the indicator and fly. The size of the loops on the water often meant quite a considerable / a lot of energy was applied to mend the line. Line control on the water / His technique wasn’t quite there. But having tried talking and explaining to people what is happening there is often a lag in time for the actual process to occur. Oh well good excuse for the guy to spend more time enjoying himself on the river perfecting his technique.

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