Video Pro Tips: How to Pick Up a Long Line Off the Water

Here’s a great video trip from Capt. Bruce Chard of Gink & Gasoline, who demonstrates a simple method for picking up a long line to recast. The two problems that a caster has to deal with are 1. the line being trapped in the surface tension and 2. the tendencey to use the first half of the casting stroke just getting the line moving. Chard’s solutions make perfect sense:

  • Reach your rod toward the water’s surface to make the most of your reach and avoid shortening you casting stroke, and then
  • Raise your rod parallel to water to get it off the water

Now you’ve broken the surface tension and picked up some of the line, and you still have the entire arc of your casting stroke to accelerate the line on the back cast. Then, you can come forward and shoot the line back out right away for a second shot at a fish.

If you were to try to get the line off the water by moving your rod tip rearward, you’d find yourself halfway through the casting stroke before the rod loads. This results in an underpowered backcast, which makes a goof forward cast virtually impossible. So give Captain Chard’s method a try–whether you’re on a flats boat, a drift boat, or a bass boat–and I think you’ll see good results.

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