Video Pro Tips: Secrets to Fishing Spring Creeks

Spring creeks can produce some of the most exhilarating–and frustrating–moments in fly fishing, usually over the course of the same day. Their slow-moving, crystal-clear water allows trout to detect your presence from much farther away, and gives them plenty of time to examine your flies, amplifying challenges to new heights which can sometimes seem insurmountable.

In this detailed 10-minute video from Todd Moen of Catch Magazine, Peter Corbett, owner of Creekside Angling Company near Seattle, shares some of the lessons he’s learned after many years of fishing spring creeks. While all of his advice is good, he brings up a few less-common tips that are especially useful, including covering your entire leader and the tip of your fly line with floatant in order to reduce drag, and choosing your targets carefully in order to avoid spooking small fish into big fish. Be sure not to miss the incredible montage of rising trout that begins right at the 6:00 mark.

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