Video Pro Tips: How to Set Up Your Fly Rod

So you’ve picked your fishing spot and parked the truck. Now it’s time to set up your fly rod for a day of fishing. This seems pretty basic, but there are actually a couple of tricks to make the process easier, and Orvis casting instructor Pete Kutzer walks you through them. Even how you put the sections of the rod together can make a big difference. If the ferrules aren’t seated properly, the rod can come apart in the middle of casting, or worse, you could crack a ferrule. Next, pete explains how to attach the reel and then string the line. If you’ve been holding onto the thin tippet to string your rod, then Pete’s method will change your life.

4 thoughts on “Video Pro Tips: How to Set Up Your Fly Rod”

  1. I appreciate Peter’s attention to the most minor of details. I have yet to be left with a question after watching any of his videos.

  2. Folks,

    If you get used to start to assemble your rod from the upper end you get rewarded when using rods a lot longer than 8‘…

    ATB, Paul

  3. Throw your cap on the ground and put your reel in your cap as you run line through the guides of the rod.

  4. Pete does a good job, but I gave up using that method a couple of years ago. I find it much more manageable, and safer, to keep my gear off the ground by mounting the reel first and running the line through the guides on each rod section first and then assembling the sections. This can be done from the tailgate of your car, the hood, backseat, etc. Once your fly line is through all the guides, you carefully start with the tip section and join each section together until you’re back at the reel seat. No need to stretch the rod out, have your reel end up in the dirt accidently, or if you’re fishing with a group give someone else an opportunity to step on it or trip over it and break it. This method has been working great for me for about 3 years now.

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