Video Pro Tips: How to Skagit-Cast with a Single-Hand Rod

Those anglers who fish almost exclusively with single-hand rods might feel a little left out when discussions turn to Spey and Skagit casts, but that shouldn’t be the case. In this great video, Fred Telleen of North 40 Fly Shop runs through a quick primer on how to rig your standard trout rod with a Skagit head and a sinking tip, which is a great set-up for streamer fishing on big water. From teh video description:

Skagit casting is a combination of Spey style casting techniques and short weighted Skagit shooting heads. While most traditional trout anglers envision Spey casting, they are likely to picture long two handed rods designed to target salmon and steelhead. While two handed rods have their roll on big rivers chasing large fish, single hand skagit lines have been developed to permit anglers to Spey cast with their standard length single hand fly rods.

Of course, these techniques may be a “gateway drug” to getting into two-handed rods, but that wouldn’t be such a bad thing, would it?

2 thoughts on “Video Pro Tips: How to Skagit-Cast with a Single-Hand Rod”

  1. Very cool
    I have fly fished for years, got away from it because of bad wrist, back casting a fly rod not fun any more this skagit-cast looks sooooo effort less
    So a single hand rod – is it a special rod like Spey rods long and stiff??? can I use my 8 weight rod or 6 weight Rod
    The line ? I need to learn more about that
    Could I cast 90 feet
    I’d love to fish this on the colorado or green river here in utah
    great video

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