Video Pro Tips: How to Solve a Big-Trout Riddle

Written by: Dave Jensen, Jensen Fly Fishing

There are reaches of a stream or river that appear lifeless, barren. But if you look around, allow things to unfold, and really look closely in what has to be prime trout habitat, you’ll likely see what is most likely there: a solid trout. And the best habitat usually does have a stunning trout. But these same trout are also often the most temperamental, sensitive to environmental conditions, and not usually willing to expose themselves. So how do you go about catching these fish? You need to choose the right spot and the right time to make your presentation.

2 thoughts on “Video Pro Tips: How to Solve a Big-Trout Riddle”

  1. Hi Jensens!

    I just stumbled across these videos. They are wonderful!

    The water looks clear, slow, and shallow… Dave, did you remain ten feet or so back from the stream while stalking the fish and casting to it?

    Fun stuff!


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