Video Pro Tips: Using the Herringbone Technique

Written by: Derek Botchford and Steve Morrow, Epic Waters Angling

The herringbone technique allows you to cast and swing in both directions.

Epic Waters Angling and Orvis have teamed up to create a steelheading miniseries. Using the latest Orvis prototypes, the clips are specifically catered to small-stream tactics. After a busy season of guiding, Derek Botchford and Steve Morrow set out to deliver viewers techniques that are designed to elevate the game of steelhead anglers from the west to the Great Lakes.

A lot of times, there are good seams on both sides of a river. Instead of just making a long cast to the opposite bank and swinging across the whole river, try casting and swinging in both directions where possible. Called herringboning, this presentation can completely change the way you approach water and add another arrow to your quiver. It’s also supremely efficient when you’re standing below an island and want to fish both channels.

A few advantages of using the herringbone technique:

  • You can cover a lot of water quickly.
  • You can cover more water.
  • You can keep casts short.
  • You can fish two lies effectively in a single pass.
  • You can fish deeper by narrowly focussing on a particular spot.
  • You can control the speed of drift well.

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