Video Pro Tips: Why and How to Sharpen Your Hooks

Do you sharpen your hooks regularly? I’m convinced that hook-sharpening is something that many people discuss but few anglers actually do. Here’s another great how-to video from Brian Flechsig of of Mad River Outfitters in Columbus, Ohio, in which he discusses the importance of keeping your irons sharp. He also demonstrates his methods for tuning up both trout and saltwater hooks.

4 thoughts on “Video Pro Tips: Why and How to Sharpen Your Hooks”

  1. I do carry en Emory board with me for that 10% of the time that I would need to sharpen a fly hook. But, 90% of the time I just replace the fly.

  2. I’m more of a “warm water” guy. Bass, Pike, and Muskys have tough mouths so sharp hooks are mandatory. You’re also using bigger flies, hence bigger hooks with bigger diameter wire. Every time I change flies I sharpen it before I tie it on.

  3. Going against every hook manufacturers’ advice, and trying to sharpen new chemical or laser sharpened freshwater hooks is plain silly – you cannot get hooks sharper manually. In fact, you will almost certainly blunt them.
    “Pushing ” a hook point along a grit based sharpener builds up friction heat that will de-temper the metal and soften it – not good. “Pulling ” a hook along a sharpener produces less friction. But, push or pull, sharpening must be done slowly and lightly – pushing down on the hook point will increase friction and heat.

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