Video: Quite a Year on the Water

Regular readers of this blog know how much I love to see the young’uns get passionate about fly fishing, and the teens behind WildFly Productions really fit the bill. Check out their year-end wrap-up of 2015 and prepare to be impressed by the number of trips and the number of fish these boys experienced. And they are growing as filmmakers, as well. The shots of leaping fish and trout leaving the net are something to behold. I expect lots more good things from these guys in 2016.

8 thoughts on “Video: Quite a Year on the Water”

  1. This is an awesome film! I wish I started that young….Nice editing and great shots of some beautiful fishing locations.

  2. Incredible video! What talent!
    Beautiful catch and released fish
    This young man will be very successful
    And a wonderful citizen of our great

  3. It’s great to see the youth of America doing such great things! Your film is awesome and inspiring. We’ve never been fly fishing but this makes us want to give it a try. WOW!!!

  4. Amazing! The Orvis Company sure picked a winner when they hired this fishing guide…he sure taught the young boys to be sooo gentle with the beautiful fish. The fish almost look like they are posing! Camera man did a terrific job!!

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