Video: Red Bass in Christmas Island with GEOBASS

If you’ve seen several episodes of GEOBASS, you’re probably pretty familiar with the basic premise: four crazy fly fishermen stumble into some foreign country and try to catch a bass species that they actually know little about. Along the way, they have insane adventures, suffer innumerable indignities, and catch some great fish (although not always the ones they were looking for). In this latest installment, they head for Christmas island, in search of red bass, a species they had struck out on in an earlier episode set in Papua New Guinea.

For this trip, they also added a fifth whell, in the form of our recently departed intern, Jared Zissu. Poor Jared ends up being the butt of many jokes and is the first to fall victim to a strain of the “Kiribati Two-Step” disease that sweeps through the gang. All in all, there’s plenty to keep you interested for 18 minutes.

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