Video: Rediscovering a Father-Daughter Bond Through Fly Fishing

When Sara Work was growing up, her dad was a bit of a distant figure. He seemed to have this great fly-fishing life with his friends, but he didn’t share that passion with his family. So as an adult, when Sara was thinking of a great way to connect with Henry, she thought that fly fishing might be the ticket.

It starts with a wintry day on a Colorado stream, and Sara is nervous. But the first fish that comes to net breaks the ice, and the smiles on Sara’s and Henry’s faces are natural and heartfelt. It’s the start of something beautiful.

This short film, by TwoFisted Heart Productions, captures the way that sharing time in the outdoors can bring people together, providing a way to bridge gaps of any distance.

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4 thoughts on “Video: Rediscovering a Father-Daughter Bond Through Fly Fishing”

  1. Great video of the reconnection of a busy daughter and a “mourning” father while fly fishing. Thanks!
    Provides a great Father’s Day message….. enjoy your parents while they are still around to share such a wonderful day of fishing.

  2. Absolutely stunning story and message! This is what family, love and fly fishing is all about. Many thanks from a proud father with a fishing daughter who started at age 3 on the eastern High Sierra streams and lakes with me.

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