Video: Reel Recovery Kicks Off a New Season of Healing

We have posted many times about Reel Recovery, an organization dedicated to “help[ing] men in the cancer recovery process by introducing them to the healing powers of the sport of fly-fishing, while providing a safe, supportive environment to explore their personal experiences of cancer with others who share their stories.” The first retreat of the year kicks off tomorrow in Glen Rose, Texas, the first of 26 U.S. events (so far) planned for 2015. (The first retreat of the year was held in New Zealand back in February.) If you or someone you know would benefit from attending or working at one of these important events, visit the Reel Recovery website for more info.

Click here for the full 2105 retreat schedule.

3 thoughts on “Video: Reel Recovery Kicks Off a New Season of Healing”

  1. The Texas Chapter of Reel Recovery really appreciates the support Orvis National and their Texas Stores gives Reel Recovery

  2. Phil,

    Thanks so much for posting this piece about Reel Recovery and our 2015 Season. We appreciate all the support you and Orvis have given us over the years and are looking forward to our best year yet! The video was produced by Travis Swartz, (before he became Hank Patterson) and people might recognize his sidekick Reese featured prominently, a participant at the retreat.

    Stan Golub
    Executive Director
    Reel Recovery

  3. Thanks are due to Grahame Marpole–of the Hope, NJ retreat–for prodding me into this post by sending in the information on his event. I figured I couldn’t just highlight ONE, when there are so many. . .

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