Video: Reeling in Recovery Helps Participants Live a Life without Alcohol and Drugs

Since many folks are observing Dry January–abstaining from alcohol for the month, after what may have been an over-indulgent holiday season–it seems like a good time to tell you about an organization called Reeling in Recovery, which provides free fly fishing retreats for people in active recovery from alcohol and drug abuse. According to the organization’s mission statement,

Reeling in Recovery celebrates life free from drug and alcohol addiction by embracing nature and the spiritual connection that fly fishing has brought so many.

We do this through free fly fishing retreats that are open to those who have chosen to live their personal truth – a life without alcohol and drugs. We also serve as a safe space and resource for the sober fly angler who is doing the work one day at a time.

Founded last year, RiR currently has four retreats scheduled for 2023, in Georgia, Pennsylvania, and Colorado. For more information, check out the Reeling in Recovery website, and follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

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