Video: Salad Days—Crooked Island

Asher Koles of Blood Knots has produced another sweet video in his “Salad Days Series,” this one featuring some bonefishing and cruising around Crooked Island in The Bahamas. This video has a certain old-school feel to it that’s pretty cool, and the fish are gorgeous.

2 thoughts on “Video: Salad Days—Crooked Island

  1. REALLY irritating video. I’m not sure what is “old-school” about a video that almost never shows the cast, the fight, or the netting of a fish, and what is shown is done so in such short cuts that you hardly have time to register what has happened before cutting away to something different. A shot of a sign (that the viewer has no time to read, so don’t bother me with extraneous text), a fly, a boat, and then back to casting, and then something else — all so fast that I felt I was at a rock concert rather than on the ocean fishing. Bleh.

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