Video: Salmon Fly Hatch #iPhoneOnly

Daily Rise Productions is the brainchild of Josh Diller, a Pennsylvanian transplanted to Colorado, and his latest video is the result of an ingenious group project that makes use of some decidedly ordinary equipment, an iPhone 5s. Here’s how Josh describes the methodology:

We called this phone the “daily rise.” The hatch lasted around two weeks, and every time we went out, we would bring the phone along, passing it around getting clips for an edit capturing the epic hatch we got to fish. I got to fish the hatch nearly every day, with some of my best friends. We hiked all through Gore Canyon, seeing bugs almost every day! It was wild to basically chase the hatch through the different canyons day by day, offering us opportunities at some quality fish.

The combination of all of these different visions, as well as some gorgeous trout, make this video dynamic and fun to watch.

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