Video: Searching for Gold in the Jungles of Bolivia

The Provo Brothers—the Utah-based team behind the great Steelhead & Spines—are back with a killer video about a trip into the Bolivian jungle in search of golden dorado and other exotic species and then heading to the high country for some riding and skiing:

The Amazon wilderness holds many mysteries, but we found out for ourselves that the real treasures of the jungle live beneath the canopy, and swim through its pristine rivers. From the lowland tropics to the high altitudes of the Cordillera, our fly-fishing trip became more of a lesson in the immense diversity of Bolivia’s landscapes and people. We invested everything we had, but came home feeling rich with new knowledge and experiences that are now priceless.

This is long, at 18 minutes, but it’s well worth your time. Warning: F-bombs abound.

One thought on “Video: Searching for Gold in the Jungles of Bolivia”

  1. This is amazing. I was in Bolivia in 2011, but certainly didn’t get to kill it in this fashion. Will take notes. You guys rock.

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