Video: Seeing Red on the South Texas Flats

Here’s a gorgeous video from a fishery we don’t see too much of: the South Texas flats. From the cool underwater shots, to the big redfish and seatrout, this video will have you thinking of warm days up to your knees in salt water.

2 thoughts on “Video: Seeing Red on the South Texas Flats”

  1. A couple weeks ago, I spent a day on the water in Texas, my first time on the salt. Unfortunately conditions were awful. I hope to get back down there when things are prime, and this video certainly stokes the fire. Great stuff!

  2. These lingering cold fronts have been a nuisance as of late, but weather conditions are going to improve here shortly. We will be back to sub tropical temperatures and cloudless skies soon.

    – Feed em’ Flies

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