Video: How to Set Up a Fly Reel

Tim Flagler of Tightline Productions is always looking for better, simpler ways to do things–whether you’re talking about tying a specific fly pattern or trying to get a new line and backing on a fly reel. Here, Tim demonstrates his method for ensuring that he gets just the right amount of backing loaded on a reel, to make the most of the arbor’s diameter. As usual, Tim employs a little ingenuity and some unorthodox materials. While this process may seem complicated, if you watch all the way to the end, you’ll discover that once you’re set up, the actual loading of the reel is a breeze.

12 thoughts on “Video: How to Set Up a Fly Reel”

  1. Putting the fly line on first and then the backing works great and eliminates the trial and error/guesswork method….since backing and fly line diameters and demensions vary. And a power drill as a line winder, but in a different setup, has been invaluable and a major time saver.

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