Video: A Sewer Runs Through It

Earlier this week, I wrote about a small stream that had suffered from years of neglect and industrial pollution yet still provided some magical fishing experiences. (See “The Trout Stream That No One Else Wanted.”) Here’s a short video about a similar Upstate New York creek that has been brought back from the dead, only to face new pressures from anglers.

Orvis head rod designer Shawn Combs–who appears at the end of the video–has spent a lot of time on Cayadutta Creek and is helping to promote new regulations that will protect it for the future. The goal is to establish the lower portion of the stream, from the water-treatment plant to the Mohawk River (a stretch the state does not stock), as a catch-and-release zone.

You can help make this happen by signing the petition on

10 thoughts on “Video: A Sewer Runs Through It”

  1. Nice video, but I will never sign anything that is remotely conncected to!
    Find another resource for your petition.

  2. And if they keep writing stories about it in the Orvis News. It will be facing more and more angler pressure.

  3. The stream has already been discovered. I grew up in nearby Johnstown when the Cayadutta was an absolute disgrace and threat not only to wildlife, but also a health threat to the people living nearby it. This is why I decided to make this video…to try to get a catch and release designation for the lower portion of the stream before it is too late. I agree it’s a fine balance. Orvis is doing a good thing here by promoting this cause. The best thing would be to have as many people as possible sign the petition so that we can hopefully gain protection.

    1. Ned, the lower portion of the stream is also private property owned by two different owners. They allow fishing only by written permission. It is the area from the railroad crossing bridge to the route 5 bridge

  4. Does anybody know where I can at the very least hook into a brown on the Cayadutta. I’ve tried The city of johnstown down to the falls with exception to some spots after the water treatment facility.

    1. I do for sure brother…id take yoy and get you into a nice brown within a half hour…i walk and scout the creek so much i know where certain fish sit and tbh i know werw a 22 inch brown is sitting right now

  5. I live in gloversville ny and the cayadetta creek is 2 mins from my house…i fly fish it n have for 15 years and yes it has trash everywere from ppl not picking up so i try my best to pick up…but i have caughten 20 inchers 21 22 and my biggest 24 inches…im a catch and release guy only…and ive fishing from in town gloversville and miles down, its deff not over fished yet cause the bigger browns tend to have smartened up to worms that most ppl use and they love bugs…they deff get smarter in size…with a little more care like with the trash and if we made the whole creek catch amd release only id say in ten years i wouldnt doubt seeing browns up to 30 inches…..its humans who are ruining it for this amazing species of fish

    1. Hi Phil. Would love to go out sometime man. Cayadutta is full of great pocket water for pretty much the majority of its 20 miles. I just started to fly fish about 5 years back. Tying your own bug and getting a trout to eat it is a drug like none other.

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