Video: Sight-Fishing for Big Browns in Low, Clear Water

Here’s a cool video, via Orvis Pêche Mouche, about a day’s fishing on the River Touvre, in the southwestern part of France. Here’s what our friend Florian Caravéo has to say about it:

To spot a fish, to approach it without making it flee, to make a good cast, and to set the hook at the right moment is an art! Sight-fishing one of the most demanding techniques for a fly fisher, and the trout of the Touvre are particularly difficult to fool.

This video captures a beautiful day fishing with friends in a perfect setting for sight-fishing with nymphs. The fish hold between the weeds that undulate in the currents, feeding on the larvae and scuds that drift by. But at the end of the season and in low-water conditions, the fish are extremely wary, requiring the angler to make a perfect presentation. Under these conditions, the approach must be stealthy and the first cast must be the right on.

My favorite part is the shot (at 1:53) of a trout bumping a rock on the streambed in an attempt to dislodge some food.

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