Video: Slovenia Sessions with FrontsideFly

It’s no secret that we are big fans of the guys from FrontsideFly , who combine a love of fly fishing, a killer sense of humor, and serious video-making chops. Stefan Ågren just released this fun, behind-the-scenes footage from the filming of their latest great adventure “There’s Always a Hatch Somewhere,” shot in Slovenia, where they fished with my friend (and former Orvis rod designer) Matt Calderaro, who lives there. (You can see more photos from the trip here.)

The Tallest Man on Earth with not the biggest trout in Slovenia.
Photo via

That man on the guitar is none other than Kristian Matsson, a renowned musician who performs under the name Tallest Man on Earth. Based on what I see when I’m researching for the F5, his music has become very popular as background for fly-fishing videos. It seems that he know good dry-fly fishing when he sees it, too. And Rolf has got himself a set of pipes, no?

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