Video: Small Creek, BIG Brown

The brown that Australian angler Jock Tolland catches in this video isn’t a monster, but when you see the size of the creek he catches it from, you’ll be mighty impressed. Fishing in New South Wales, Tolland sets us his camera to first catch the beast on the move—I laughed out loud when I saw it—and then he wades in from the opposite bank. Warning: a bit of salty language, and he does hold the fish out of the water longer than I’d want him to.

3 thoughts on “Video: Small Creek, BIG Brown”

  1. You should hold this guy’s head underwater for as long as he held that fine Browns head out of water. A real fish killer.

  2. I don’t like to see these videos where the fish is out of water so long. To me, it’s a shame to catch such a big and beautiful fish in such a small stream and then kill it. I wish I read the article before watching it.

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