Video: Small Stream Browns of the Welsh Marches

In a world of fast-paced, hip-hop-soundtracked fly-fishing videos, Luke Bannister’s productions are like being in the eye of a hurricane, where all is calm and quiet. Here, he fishes the borderlands between Wales and England, using a 7-foot, 4-weight cane rod to chase small, wild brown trout in a pretty stream. (A “march” is a medieval European term for the neutral zone between two realms.) When you hear folks taking about fly fishing as “the quiet sport,” this is the kind of thing they’re talking about.

2 thoughts on “Video: Small Stream Browns of the Welsh Marches”

  1. Need STEALTH to catch this little guys. My kind of fly fishing. I use an old Eagleclaw that i’ve had since the 70s.

  2. I for one always find his videos a refreshing break from loud and in your face videos that are usually part of the Friday Film Fest (which is a highlight of my week by the way!). I love the solitude and quiet of being on the water… I would never pretend I’m taking part in an extreme sport when I’m fishing.

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